1. Fractal podcast host, Gerard Doyle, talks with Hassanatou Barry, who is the Babysitter Guru. Hassanatou is taking her experience as a New York City babysitter, and servicing the Babysitting Community, with advice that’s often hard to find and often, not openly shared. View Podcast
  2. Hustle Energy podcast host, Trent Bray, interviews Hassanatou Barry and speaks about her experience as a babysitter and turning that side hustle into a full-time hustle and unique business. As she expands to teach others, Hassanatou has been anticipating the release of A Babysitter’s Training Guide To Success course specifically tailored to preteens and teenagers between the ages of 11 to 16 years old. View Podcast
  3. Good People Cool Things podcast host, Joey Held, interviews Hassanatou Barry on her journey as she sees an opportunity. She’s a young, innovative and resolute entrepreneur. She had been babysitting for years as a side hustle when she realized she had a tremendous passion for it. She soon started identifying opportunities in the market, learning there weren’t enough credible resources out there for caregivers. She took those insights and figured out how to start a business online. View Podcast
  4. Stampede’s Know Like Trust podcast host, Troy Campbell, interviews Hassanatou Barry to discuss her backstory and how The Babysitter Guru has serviced parents, sitters and brands throughout her first year in business. View Podcast